iGadget Repair and Recycle

Your One-Stop Problem Solver for all your electronic needs. We Buy, Sell, Repair, and Recycle any of your used Electronics. Come visit our store and talk to our Wireless Sales Consultants.
Open 7 Days a Week!
Quick Turnaround Time!

The leading mobile electronics repair center in Columbus, Ohio. We repair and unlock 99% of mobile phones in the market. We have recently expanded our workshop to offer a greater number of mobile phone repairs and a higher level of service.

We repair all types of damage such as LCD screens, speakers, microphones and charging ports. We also offer high level component replacement like the treatment of liquid damage and physical damage. We are constantly upgrading our mobile phone unlocking systems this means we can unlock the latest phones.  Our experienced staff and technicians have been repaired over thousands of phones and have experience of over 12 years in the mobile electronics field. Most  phones brought to us are fixed within 24 hours.  If you are not in Ohio or cannot come to us you can send the device to us by mail, contact us for more details.3Gf3kd3L15G25K45J1cc6e9f3263ca9611ca9

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